About Us


KIZA is the best authentic Pan-African restaurant in UAE. The venue serves best-in-class Pan-African hospitality and entertainment spanning across dining, music, fashion, art and entertainment.

We welcome you to embark on a multi-sensory journey across the beautifully diverse regions of Africa to experience authentic Pan-African cuisine, accompanied by finest flavors. Continue this journey by engaging your senses beyond taste, to the sights and sounds of Africa.

This journey embodies the vibrancy of a continent. This journey, we have coined Africa, inspiring the World. This is the KIZA journey   

Discover Africa, its heritage, culture and its mysteries at KIZA Restaurant & Lounge.


Welcome to KIZA Dubai, a venue that transcends cultures. We are not just a Restaurant but a premium African hospitality brand and the number one place to enjoy phenomenal Pan African cuisine, Afrobeats music and the African culture. Our Vision at KIZA is “Africa inspiring the World”. This propels us to put the KIZA brand on to the world stage, giving everyone the joy of experiencing a truly Pan-African adventure globally.

KIZA focuses on bringing the African Experience to the world through sight, sound and taste. From music to the arts and crafts scene, the emergence of African culture is clear and present, and we are leading in that. Once we get people through the doors of KIZA, the ambience gets them. It does not matter whether you are African or not, in KIZA, there’s a sense of belonging that transcends cultures. Most people cannot describe it; we call it the ‘Spirit’ of Africa.


About Us